Glad Wags Services

Our Promise:

Puppy looking up with tongue out

At Glad Wags, we use only the highest quality shampoo. We have state of the art equipment, an open atmosphere offering a cage free option making your pet’s visit comfortable. We also have convenient parking for our clients so your pets have an easy entrance and exit from our shop! We schedule by appointment to suit your needs. please feel free to call the salon with any questions (732) 483-9003!

Payment Options:

We accept credit cards, cash, and checks.

Included in all grooming packages:

Glad Wags equipment fully loaded
  • Each dog receives a thorough coat evaluation to determine their skin/coat needs.
  • They get two baths and conditioned, if necessary.
  • Dry each dog with high velocity dryer - WE DO NOT CAGE DRY
  • Ears are cleaned, nails are cut, shave paw pad and sanitary area, and we groom the body as per customer's request.
  • Cage Free Optional!

Maintenance Groom (bath & trim):

  • For dogs that do not need the body groomed or shaved
  • includes everything a full groom does, except we do not groom the body!
  • Third option we offer is for dogs that only require a bath (without needing a groom). Includes nail clipping and ear cleaning.

Special Spa Treatments:

  • Face and paw whitening
  • Facial scrubbing
  • Paw pad
  • Flea treatment
  • Deep conditioning of coats

Doggy Day Care and Pet Sitting:

Jane knows that pet parents want to know their pups are safe and in good hands, and welcomes Day Care clients and Overnight Pup Guests at her home. You can rest assured that while you are away your pet is not in a kennel cage but with a loving family. Please contact Glad Wags for more information about their loving pet-care services.

Additional Service Additional Cost

Ear Plucking at customer's request.

No Charge

Dremmel (sand) nails after cutting


Medicated Shampoos


Dental Cleaning with Tropiclean


Anal glands expressed small dog


Anal glands expressed large dog


Furminator Bath for double coated breeds


Dead Coat Removal/Reduce shedding


Deep Conditioning treatment


Flea Bath


Medicated Bath


catchphrase- bring home a squeky clean pet today.