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Of course, there are other grooming salons in Long Branch, but we are not just another salon. Glad Wags Grooming Salon has a team of professionals who do everything to provide our clients and their furry animals, both dogs and cats, the best service – equipped with tender loving care (TLC) – for the ultimate spa day! We specialize in working with senior pets with special needs. Cat grooming by special appointment!
      At Glad Wags, we use only the highest quality shampoo. We have state of the art equipment, an open atmosphere offering a cage free option making your pet’s visit comfortable. We offer special spa treatments including but not limited to: face and paw whitening; facial scrubbing; paw pad; flea treatments; and deep conditioning of coats. Before the grooming process even begins, we evaluate each dog’s coat to determine specific needs. During an average grooming session, we clean ears - pluck the hair inside the ears, if necessary - wash each dog twice and then condition their coat. We dry each dog with our high velocity dryer - WE DO NOT CAGE DRY - which removes all layers of the dead coat; leaving the client with a shed-free dog. Finally, we shave the paw pads, clip the nails, shave the sanitary area and groom the dog’s body to the clients’ liking.
     We also do a maintenance groom (a bath & trim) for dogs that do not need the body groomed or shaved. It includes everything a full groom does, except we do not groom the body! A third option we offer is for dogs that only require a bath (without needing a groom) which includes nails clipped and ears cleaned.
      Ask about our Doggie Day Care and our self-service by appointment. We also have convenient parking for our clients so your pets have an easy entrance and exit from our shop! We schedule by appointment to suit your needs. If there are any questions, please feel free to call the salon: (732) 483-9003!


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      The old cliché - If you love what you do, then you'll never work a day in your life - could not be any truer. As the owner / operator of Glad Wags Grooming Salon, not only do I get to work with animals every day, but I get to work with others who are just like me. We share a love for animals and seek to be the best for each of your pets.
      My love for animals was instilled in me at a very young age by my mother and grandmother. I cannot remember a time when we did not have family pets when I was growing up. We had dogs, cats, birds and fish – all of which were a part of the family. This love turned into a career very quickly. I started grooming my own pets at home – all four of my dogs. Then I groomed my families’ pets, which then lead to the neighbor’s pets. Grooming became a part-time job and from this, I decided that I wanted to open my own business. To master my skills as a pet stylist, I participated in the advanced training program at The Paragon School of Pet Grooming in Grandville, Michigan, where I continued to develop my skills and knowledge in the art of pet styling. After completing my training, I opened Glad Wags in October 2010 which, I consider to be one of the happiest day of my life. I often think of my mom while I'm at work and know how happy and proud she would be that my job is working with animals; and to be able to help them with their special needs whether they are a puppy, frightened, sick or just getting older. I currently own and love four dogs: two puppies, Ronnie and Gracie, and two seniors, Coco and Lil’ Eddie. While the pups love coming to work with me, my seniors prefer to rest at home.
      Each pet gets tender loving care (TLC). This is not only the way I work but it is the energy we have each and every day, through every appointment and in every "Hello." I so look forward to meeting new clients and their tail-wagging friends!


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     I have been a lover of dogs for most of my life. Growing up in Ohio at a time when dogs were allowed to roam free, it was not uncommon to befriend a neighbor’s pet. When I was eight-years-old, a neighborhood mutt named Gabe, would wait for me every morning at my backdoor and walk me to school – the dog would literally walk me as far as the crossing guard at the highway, and then run off. Even though I did not own Gabe, he was my first dog and love.
      Then, as a teenager, a miniature schnauzer named Bridget came into my life. Due to Bridget’s wonderfulness, it was not long until other family members acquired schnauzers - Marci, Fritz and Daisy - and began breeding them in a small family business. Once a year there were new puppies to love at our house … and it was so much fun watching Marci, Fritz and Daisy raise their family and see the pups grow and play.
      After graduating from the Ohio State University, working seven years in banking, and raising two children, Kevin and Christine, I decided to attend the North Jersey School of Dog Grooming and turn my love of dogs into a career. I have been grooming dogs since 2004 and I love spending my days with them. The dogs are more than just customers to me; I have a relationship with each one. I know each one's specific likes, dislikes and personalities. Often an owner will ask me, what breed is that dog? I will have to stop and think a moment, because to me the dog is a Bailey, a Lilly, a Hunter, a Duncan or a Pacino. I often forget what breed they are, because I see them as an individual. Today though, I am cat lover as well. My husband, children and I share our home with two felines Hobbes and Comet - my other kids. I will continue working at Glad Wags part-time due to my career in real estate.


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      I am currently a groomer by day and a student by night. I joined the Glad Wags’ team in August 2013 and completed an eight month apprenticeship. Prior to this, I worked for another salon for one year - where I learned the basics in the art of pet styling and became an excellent bather. From this experience, I was and still am known for my ultimate dog spa baths and massages. I do, however, possess a unique talent – grooming cats. My cats, Bruce and Mr. Boodles, are happy with their groomer – me – and I believe your pets, whether they are dogs or cats, will be happy as well! So come on by the salon and let your furry animals experience it for themselves!

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      I have just started my apprenticeship at Glad Wags and could not be happier! I have worked in the field for 5+ years because of my love for animals and cannot not wait to be an official groomer! I own two dogs – Rhodesian Ridgeback/Coonhound mix. They are my loves! So come on by to Glad Wags and meet Breaker and Hurley!


In Loving Memory of: Willy

     Willy was our wonderful 16 year old mascot. She loved greeting all dogs and made them feel right at home. She was like a mother to each pet and was part of the store from the very beginning.


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