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Payment Options: We accept checks or cash only.

Included in all grooming pricing:
Each dog receives a thorough cost evaluation to determine their skin/coat needs.
They then get two baths and conditioned, if necessary.
  Ears are cleaned, nails are cut and we groom the body as per customer’s request.
Cage Free Optional!

Additional Services

Additional Cost

Ears pluck at customer’s request.

No charge

Dremmel (sand) nails after cutting


Anal glands expressed small dog


Anal glands expressed large dogs


Furminator bath for double coated breeds


To remove dead coats /reduce shedding.


Our medicated shampoos


Deep conditioning treatments


Dental Cleaning with Tropiclean


Flea bath


Medicated bath


Doggy Day Care:
We do offer doggy day care, priced according to breed, size, needs, etc.

We will also groom Cats by special appointment.



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